AML Sentinel

We live and breathe AML so that you can focus on your customers and business

AML Sentinel protects businesses and their customers from suspicious financial transactions that lead to reputational, regulatory, and business risks.

Delivering the most effective AML compliance program at a reasonable cost to small and medium size companies by applying the best compliance, automation, data science, and process management tools available.

The AML Sentinel approach gives each partner the benefit of deep industry and compliance expertise coupled with cutting edge technology and analytical capabilities.

We use a team of experienced investigators who leverage our proprietary AML investigation technology to perform thorough, effective, and more consistent investigations to meet business requirements.

In addition we continually monitor and update our approach for the latest trends and expectations in AML compliance to ensure complete compliance. We have multiple, flexible approaches to integrate with and support your AML compliance activities based on your needs. But in all cases we stand with you to reduce regulatory compliance risks.

Key services include:

- End to End AML investigations Providing the technology and investigators to supplement your capacity economically

- Automated transaction monitoring across multiple locations, platforms, and products

- Look back and other regulatory driven transaction reviews and investigation